5 Signs Your Child Has a Cavity

The enamel on children’s teeth is thin, making baby teeth particularly vulnerable to cavities. If your child does develop a cavity, you need to get them to the dentist—and fast! Not sure what to look for? Here are five signs your little one has some decay:

1. There’s a tooth that is darker in color than the rest.

Dark spots, or teeth that have a brownish band on the surface are signs of decay.

2. Your child is having trouble chewing.

Cavities are painful, making chewing difficult. Take note if your kid has trouble eating the foods they normally enjoy.

3. Their gums are swollen.

Healthy gums are pink and have an even tone throughout the mouth. Inflammation in the gums is a sign the tooth has a cavity.

4. Your child is sensitive to temperatures.

Teeth with cavities are extremely sensitive to hot and cold foods. Watch for signs of pain when your child has foods like soup or ice cream.

5. They are struggling in school.

Research has found a direct correlation between poor dental health and academic performance. If your child is having trouble focusing and completing assignments at school, untreated tooth decay might be the culprit.

Tooth decay is the #1 chronic illness in children—but it’s 100% preventable. You can help stop a cavity before it starts with these simple tips:

Cheryl Lyons is the Social Media Specialist at Amélie Company, the local Denver advertising and marketing agency that works with Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation.