Discovering Dental Health

Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus champions healthy living and childhood wonder. As part of this mission, we host “Molar Expedition,” a program supported by Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation. Molar Expedition takes students on an adventure to explore dental health.

Students get to put on lab coats, move through stations and imagine themselves as a dentist. They also learn the importance of brushing teeth for two minutes and how what we eat can help or hurt our teeth. Plus, they learn how to protect teeth from cavities. Kids love sharing stories about the last time they saw the dentist and didn’t have any!

Students also get to consider the healthy food choices they can make in the future. Kids often tell us they ate something sugary for breakfast, but have decided to pick something without sugar tomorrow. Sometimes, kids are thinking critically about this topic for the very first time.

Molar Expedition has served over 8,900 students since its creation in 2013. This year, it changed from a live performance to an interactive classroom model. This helps our educators have more meaningful conversations about dental health.

Molar Expedition is also one of the Museum’s free programs offered to Title 1 schools. These are schools where at least 50% of students are participating in free and reduced lunch. Teachers also go through Molar Expedition. They tell us the program sparks conversations in the classroom about healthy teeth. Bonus: Once students take part in the program, they receive a free family membership for a year!

So come be part of Molar Expedition! If you’re a teacher, you can contact us at 303-561-0113 or to learn more and book a visit. If you’re a grown up, contact your child’s teacher. We’re ready to provide students with a memorable experience. Hopefully, they’ll also learn to skip the juice or soda and grab a glass of water next time they’re thirsty instead.

Happy brushing,

Traci McGrath, School Programs Manager, Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

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