Healthy Holiday Snacks Your Kids Will Love

From eggnog to gingerbread men, your kids will be around plenty of sweets this holiday season. While it might be the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also an important time to look out for our kid’s teeth. Sugar fuels the cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth, resulting in tooth decay. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to enjoy festive snacks that are not full of sugar. Here are a few of our tooth-friendly favorites:

Egg Snowmen

egg snowmen holiday snack

Eggs are full of protein, which keeps your kids full and energized. Put a festive spin on this food by turning your hardboiled eggs into snowmen. You can even give them sliced carrots for the hat and wee parsley sprigs for the arms. This is a healthy snack kids will love!

Strawberry-Banana Candy Canes

fruit candy cane holiday snack

Whole fruit is full of vitamins and minerals that make a great snack. You can make eating healthy fruit more fun by serving it to your kids candy cane style! Simply slice up a banana and some strawberries and layer them together. This is a great alternative to juice, which is full of sugar.

Holiday Tree Cheesy Bread

cheesy holiday tree bread snack

The calcium in cheese works to protect the enamel on teeth against damages, and even helps bring back minerals that other foods have removed. Bread and cheese is sure to please any kid, and you can put a holiday spin on it by shaping the bread like trees and decorating with chives and bell pepper bits. This will be a perfect break from the sugar rush!

When your kid enjoys something sweet during the holidays, make sure they drink plenty of tap water after to wash the sugar off their teeth. Baby teeth are important, and your kid’s oral health has a big impact on their overall health. Having your child’s smile stay cavity-free will help keep the happy in the holidays!