Let’s Learn About Cavity Prevention

Halloween is almost here and the kids will be going trick-or-treating, and collecting as much candy as they can. While it’s okay to have a piece of candy every now and then, we want to keep our teeth and mouths healthy as possible. Cavities are no laughing matter! While babies may look cute with no teeth, bigger kids and grown ups very rarely do.

Did you know cavities can spread from baby teeth to adult teeth? That’s one reason why it’s so important to keep baby teeth healthy. So how do we teach our little ones about cavity prevention? At the Teaching Kitchen at the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus, they do so in play form, and today I want to share with you three easy ways you can fight cavities that my daughter and I learned.

1. Drink less juice and more water

Did you know that a 10oz glass of orange juice has a much sugar as 1 chocolate bar? Most parents think that juice is a healthy option, or at least healthier than soda. Surprise: Juice has just as much sugar! Drinking juice without brushing allows sugar to sit on your child’s teeth, which can eventually lead to cavities. So drink more water, especially between meals. Tap water is best since most tap water has fluoride in it. Water washes away the sugar from your teeth and helps to prevent cavities.

2. Brush twice daily

Preventing cavities starts with brushing. Brushing at least twice daily for two minutes each time will go a long way in cavity prevention. It is ideal to brush after each meal using fluoride toothpaste. You can use a timer to make it easy for them.

3. Visit the dentist regularly

Your child should get a professional exam and cleaning at least twice a year, every six months. Your dentist will be able to spot any problems that may be occurring so that you can get it taken care of sooner, rather than later. Children should get their first dental check-up as soon as the first tooth arrives, usually around age 1.

Remember to take care of those teeth!

Thanks to AnnMarie John for sharing her experience at the Teaching Kitchen.