Updated Nutrition Labels: What You Need to Know

Updated Nutrition Label

It’s hard to believe that there was ever a time when consumers did not know the nutritional value of the packaged foods they were purchasing. That’s why the Nutrition Facts label was established a little over two decades ago: To help consumers make informed decisions. After more than 20 years of staying the same, these labels are changing to reflect new scientific information. Here’s what you need to know!

Refreshed Design

Don’t worry, the label will still have the iconic look of the original. However, these updates will give you more access to the nutritional information you need to make healthy food choices. You will notice right away that calories and serving sizes appear larger and are easier to see. Changes in nutrients are also visible, with a focus on vitamin D and potassium. We hope these changes will help to reduce the amount of sweetened drinks being purchased in every household.

Added Sugars Category  

The updated labels include a new category that highlights added sugars in grams, as well as a percent daily value. Did you know a six-ounce apple juice box has about as much sugar as two donuts? Sugar fuels the bacteria in your mouth that creates acid and eats through the enamel of teeth, causing cavities. This is why it should only be consumed in small amounts during mealtime. The new labels will help consumers identify how sweet the juice is that they are purchasing.

Updated Serving Sizes

Have you ever consumed an entire bag of chips, only to realize after that it was three servings? The new labels will be required to reflect what people actually eat. The packages that are between one and two servings will be labeled as one serving. Anything can appear low-sugar if the serving size is small enough. This change will guide which foods we continue to buy at the store.

Previously, these changes were to take effect in July of 2018, but the FDA has recently extended the compliance date. However, many brands have already implemented these new labels. Have you noticed them on any of your favorite foods?

Cheryl Lyons is the Social Media Specialist at Amélie Company, the local Denver advertising and marketing agency that works with Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation.